Bulk Oil is Better

If your fleet is using five or more drums of oil every year, join the Green Line Equipment bulk premium lubricant program. It’s convenient, saves money, and protects the environment. It’s safer, too, because using bulk eliminates handling heavy drums, reducing your risk of injury.




  • Eliminates waste
  • More economical than buying individual drums or pails
  • Dispenses oil to the last drop



  • On-site delivery saves time and expense
  • Allows direct fill from a metered hose
  • Reduces risk of oil contamination


Easy on nature

  • Environmentally correct storage and dispensing
  • Eliminates careless container disposal
  • Reduces  contamination

On farm delivery 

  • Plus 50 II Premium Engine Oil
  • Hy-Gard Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
  • 100 gallon minimum delivery


Don't forget oil filters!

Keep engine cost down by stocking John Deere filters that ensure original-equipment specification. Talk to the Green Line Equipment parts team to get the necessary filters for your operation.

Storage tank options:

Quantity 2 - 80 gallon totes...…List Price $899.99
                                          Part number: RTT6330

Quantity 2 -120 gallon totes....List Price $999.99
                                          Part number: RTT6220
(Pricing includes stand, drip tray, and plumbing)

Reel kit..…………………………………List Price $1799.99
(Reel kit includes plumbing, brackets, reel, and pump)